Our friend The Lock Guy provides locksmith services as well as for your vehicle

(Last Updated On: June 11, 2018)

We thought we would write up a post which details the services of a locksmith we know quite well by the name of The Lock Guy. The Lock Guy Locksmiths provide valuable locksmith services to its customers in Melbourne, Victoria. So if you are living in that area and looking for a trusted locksmith, you can approach them.

Here’s an excerpt from their blog article on their website: http://www.thelockguy.com.au/blogs/locksmiths/call-locksmith-melbourne/


A locksmith expert will be involved in the all-important aspects of locks and security. From the locks in your house to those in your commercial premise to those in your car, a locksmith will help you out. So, when should you call a locksmith in Melbourne?

Installing new locks or changing them

Whether at home or in the office, quality locks are important to ensure the premises is secure. Installing the locks yourself may lead to some problems in the future. Even car locks should be installed by the lock experts.

There comes a time when you want to change the locks of a house or other premises. Be it because you have moved to a new house or the ones you had are old and faulty, changing the locks can be a tasking job. It is best left to the professionals. This will ensure that the locks installed are high in quality and will work without any future problems. A good locksmith in Melbourne will even offer you discounts on the subsequent maintenance of the locks.

Key cutting

Have you lost your keys? Then you need to have new ones cut and only a locksmith can do this for you. When you need to make spare keys the best person to talk to is a locksmith too.

Unlocking a safe

It is not uncommon to forget the combination to opening the safe especially if you do not open the safe often. When this happens and you need to access the valuables stored inside call a locksmith. They will help you get access fast and without destroying the integrity of the safe’s lock. You will get help resetting the combination as well.

You can read more of their articles by following the above link.

Also, they have a video that demonstrates their services which you can view below.



You can learn more here: The Lock Guy Locksmiths